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My inspiration comes from my incredible family. My daughters are my true love, my reason for being, and it is for them that I do everything. My husband makes everything I do possible and is my support foundation, and soul mate. My mother taught me never to have limits to my dreams and never to waver from the truth. My father instilled in me my love of wild animals and wild places. My older sister made it all possible first. My younger sister continues to inspire me every day. My brother always makes the world feel a happier place. My dogs taught me about the importance of play and laughter. Thank you to my friends whom I could never, ever do without. Thank you to the generous donors, most importantly the Arcus Foundation and the National Geographic Society, for believing in my work. Thank you to everyone at The New Press for bringing my book into the world. Thank you to Re:wild for providing me with a home for my work.




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